Staying Hydrated with a Camelbak Backpack
When it comes to outdoor sports like trail running, hiking or mountain biking its important to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. To solve this problem having a pack with an integrated water supply, or hydration pack, is
a great way to be able to carry enough clean refreshing water or your favorite replenishing sports drink. These types of packs are ideal for also carrying a small number of supplies for most any day trip in a tight and compact package.
Here are a few tips when picking out a hydration  backpack:
First you want to pick out a pack with a rather large storage capacity or resavoir... Your body needs lots of water for optimal performance and the longer you exercise the more water your body will loose and need to be replenished. The fanny pack sizes are tiny and very light but they don't hold enough water for any kind of serious outing. When going out on a real outdoor adventurer lasting
for any length of time you need a pack with at least a 70 ounce or greater capacity.
Another consideration when selecting your backpack are the gender and child specific models. While these backpacks are more or less identical when it comes to features they will fit differently and can be more comfortable because they are intelligently shaped for a woman's or a kids body. Since these types of backpacks have a very small width, overall size and the load is comparatively light in weight you don't need to take any measurements unlike a regular backpacking pack.
You should select a pack that can carry a small or large amount of gear or equipment. These types of packs are a bit bigger than just carrying around a water only pack but having the ability peel off a jacket or sweatshirt and store it along with a your favorite energy bar, nuts or snacks is a great convenience.
The primary areas to compare when selecting a pack including the overall pack size, water capacity and storage space. For a reliable and long lasting backpack it's important to buy a quality name brand as well... even though a name brand will cost a bit more these backpacks are fastened together from quality materials, provide lots of storage space and it will last many seasons of rugged use.